• Brittanie G.

The Best in Battle Rap

With origins tracing back to the East cCoast in the late 1980s, battle rapping is when two rappers go head to head for several rounds with creative punchlines, bragging, boasting, insults etc. And to be honest, in battle rap nothing is off limits. One of the first battle raps was between Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee Starski in December of 1982 in Harlem. This was the most influential rap battle of all time and one of the most important moments in advancing hip-hop lyricism.

This revolutionary moment in Hip Hop gave birth to a new breed of emcees. Battle Rap developed from being an underground phenomenon to now being a vehicle for exposing raw talent. Legendary mainstream artists from DMX and Jay-Z to Eminem, all came fame from their street credibility established through battle rapping.

Battle Rapping is still very popular today and St. Louis is home to some of the best in battle rap. On Sunday, July 1st, Street Status and Bodega West hosted one of the most anticipated events of the summer featuring battle rappers, Animal vs Tea Beastmode, Chilla Jones vs MVP, and Ooops vs. Tone Bone.

The night concluded with yet another win for STL battle rapper, Ooops who shut it down with his no mercy round vs Tone Bone. Although, Tone Bone came in prepared with everything from political attacks to character disses on the battle rapper/politician, Ooops remained unbothered and when his moment came, he left the room putting that Respect on his name.

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