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Retrogrades & Everything Else Under the Sun

Soooo it's Valentine's Day and while everyone is either boo'd up or waiting to celebrate on the 15th, thankfully Venus, the planet of love, is not in retrograde!

Speaker Leaks Retrograde
Venus Retrograde

Typically Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, which can reveal any weak links in a relationship or bring back ex-boo's. Many stargazers advise against proposals, weddings, and any major relationship moves for about 1 month. And although the your timelines are predictably smattered with arguements each time Venus goes rogue, Mars retrogrades can also stir up conflict and fighting. The planets in the further reaches of our galaxy—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—all go retrograde for four to five months every year. Basically that means at almost any point of the year some planet is bagging back.

What does a retrograde have to do with me?

The prefix re- means to go back—and retrogrades are a time to polish up projects already in the works, or to dig up ones you’ve set aside. Retrogrades bring up past memories, and are believed to be a galactic “grace period” when we can finish all the things we’ve started or build a stronger foundation. Friends and boo's that have long gone and past issues can resurface, giving you a chance to reconnect or revise. This can be a useful time to resolve any arguments, revisit old ideas, research an idea or renew a commitment.

How to benefit from a retrograde :

Mercury Retrograde: Get in touch with old friends and contacts, back up devices and data, edit and clarify your thoughts, dust off an old writing project or course of study. Re-brand your social media, business etc.

Venus Retrograde: Heal any issues in your relationship or blocks to love. Recognize when you’re in the wrong match and move on. Gain closure with an ex…or get flewed out

Mars Retrograde: Learn how to handle pressure and conflict more effectively. Let any unnecessary drama and stress go.

Jupiter Retrograde: Stop take unnecessary risks and ask yourself if you really need to go the extra mile. Journey to a familiar place

Saturn Retrograde: Tighten up your plans, rethink your goals and career path. Practice self-discipline and stop buying things because it's "just 5 bucks"

Uranus Retrograde: Use caution in every decision you make as this is typically a highly influential time. Remove any destructive and disruptive people who bring chaos into your world so that you can have some peace.

Neptune Retrograde: Start that project, mixtape, script that you've been dreaming about. Talk yourself through your goals, spiritual beliefs, and what you love about that particular moment. Remove anything that is draining you spiritually.

Pluto Retrograde: Dive into your dark side so that you can know what your triggers are. Use some practices from Feng Shui like space clearing, burning sage, decluttering. Protect yourself and realize when something isn't for you.

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