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Flipp Dinero Proves Support = Success

Brooklyn rapper, Flipp Dinero brought the heat to St. Louis on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 for the 24th stop on the Tory Lanez’s Memories Don’t Lie tour. Dinero opened up the show by performing several songs from his debut EP, The Guala Way.

Dinero’s rap career jump started about two years ago when he released his collaboration with The Smokers Club. His feature on the “Smoke2This” mix got hip hop listeners to pay attention to his music and people really began to vibe with his lyrics and dynamic sound. After the release of his songs “I Do” and “Running up Bands,” Dinero’s music grew in popularity and eventually landed in the hands of rapper, actor, and producer, Joey Badda$$. Since the beginning of his career, Joey has been one of Dinero’s main supporters. Joey didn’t waste any time to spread the word about his music and he was ready to take Dinero’s rap career to the next level. Joey introduced Dinero to Jonny Shipes, founder of the record label Cinematic Music Group, and soon after, Dinero joined the label.

In April 2018, Flipp Dinero went viral when New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. made the the internet go crazy with his viral video of him dancing to one of Dinero’s songs “Leave Me Alone.” Within minutes from the release of Beckham’s viral dance number, Dinero’s “Leave Me Alone” reached some groundbreaking numbers of its own, reaching nearly a million plays on Spotify and Soundcloud platforms alone.

Over the last two years, Flipp Dinero has come full circle and we are only expecting the release of more great music in the future from the young artist.

Flipp Dinero, like many other artists, thrive off of the support of our community and its influencers, so let’s continue to show love and support.

You can check out more of Flipp Dinero’s Music on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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