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*EXCLUSIVE* Najii Person Shows The Path to Lost SoundCloud Files

Speaker Leaks: Can You Tell Our Readers a Little Bit About Yourself?

Najii Person: As you know I’m from St. Louis, Missouri and I mean it really started when I was young going to church with my mom and my family. Growing up, I was always around music and the majority of my family can sing and play instruments. I was actually named after a famous jazz musician and my grandfather was a saxophonist and on my moms side everyone sings. I just grew up in a household where everybody admired music and everybody loved music so that’s pretty music how it all started.

SL: What artists did you listen to growing up?

NP: I think since my mom was really heavy into the church, I remember when Kanye West fist came out and that was like the only artist I could listen to because he had Jesus Walks. So i remember my cousin bought his CD and he gave it to me and we used to listen to it all the time and that was the first rapper I was able to listen to and study.

SL: When and How You Got into Music?

NP: I starting writing, like writing raps probably when I was in the third grade. I I remember I used to write raps and poems and there was this talent show coming up at my school. I remember asking my mom what I should do in the talent show because at the time I didn’t think I had any gifts or talents, but I just knew I wanted to be in the show. She told me that I should rap since I was always writing poems and I was like man that’s a good idea, so I wrote my first rap and at the talent show I performed it which was really cool. So ever since then I’ve been writing and performing. When I got to high school, shout out to Parkway North, I met my best friend who was also really into music and we would be recording and making beats while everyone else was out partying and that’s when I really started developing my skills and overtime I kept getting better and better.

SL: Can you tell us about The Lost Soundcloud Files?

NP: The Lost Soundtrack Files is a compilation of my best songs from Soundcloud that I’ve put on the streaming services to get them up to date so that people have access to download and listen to my music. The Lost Soundcloud files are all the songs that have gotten me recognition on my journey of being and artist along with a few new songs that people have never heard before. I’m just trying to feed St. Louis and giving something new because I know people aren't used to the type of music that I make and that's not to say that people don't need it.

SL: What is your style as an artist?

NP: I would say the basis of my music is conscious and thoughtful music because I'm a thinker. I would rather just sit back and be a listener. A lot of times I play the fly on the wall and I’ll listen to a conversation and may not even give my input on the conversation but just the fact that I’m listenin so I can hear perspectives. I like to make music about what people are going through and their different perspectives on the different things they go through.

SL: So you have a performance coming up, Can you tell us about the July 10th performance?

NP: The July 10th performance is me opening up for Slum Village which is a really big deal for me because Slum Village has created some amazing music that I admire so it’s pretty big because there’s not too many people opening up for acts like this. I like to choose acts that are in my lane because those are the fans I want to attract as an artist.

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