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All He Needs Is A iPod

IVANKO, born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, is an aspiring rapper and producer. He’s released four self-produced mixtapes through YouTube that were written, recorded, and produced on an iPod Touch.


IVANKO first began making beats on his iPod at age 12 and as his skills increased, he upgraded his arsenal of equipment to help him continue to grow and evolve his sound. One of the greatest attributes of IVANKO is that he has never been scared to push boundaries with his production style or lyrical content.

His last mixtape was “Bass Mint Seshinz II,” which released on 4/20. Since then, one single titled “People Like Us” has been released. Credited for exploring a new sound and holding future work to no expectations, IVANKO’s fifth self-produced mixtape within two years is on the way!

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