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Speaker Leaks Joins The U.S.D.A.C Network

Speaker Leaks has joined the United States Department of Arts and Culture Affiliates Initiative!

Speaker Leaks

Within our new position of deeply committed organizations and collectives across the country working to create a society in which everyone feels a sense of belonging and knows that their creativity, heritage, and stories matter, a society where everyone has the right and the means to imagine and create the world we know is possible.

United States Department of Arts and Culture

By joining USDAC it is our hope that we can help make this sometimes-invisible network of culture-shifters more visible. Together, we can amplify our collective efforts, building momentum and public will for creative policies and programs rooted in empathy and equity, making cultural democracy real.

There’s much more in the pipeline with the upcoming event CULTURE/SHIFT which is a national convening in Albuquerque, NM November 1-3. We are looking forward to the bright future ahead of Speaker Leaks and USDAC!

Be sure to follow USDAC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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