• Brittanie G.

Issa Hit! Insecure is Back with Season 3

The hilarious hit television show, Insecure, is back for round 3. HBO has gotten Insecure fanatics begging for more, after the release of the season 3 teaser. The HBO comedy, Insecure, gets up close and personal in the daily lives of L.A besties, Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji), as they explores love, commitment, sex, discrimination, gender equality, and everything else that comes along with the struggles of being a modern day awkward black girl.

Last time we checked, Molly was worried about if she was being too ratchet by getting involved with Dro and his open marriage. We found out that Tiffany was pregnant and being messy per usual, and Kellie, Lawrence and Aparna, were seen working on #bodygoals at some marathon.

Now, If you haven't figured out by now if you are Team Issa or Team Lawrence, you may just need to throw that concept to the wayside, because season three is taking “it’s complicated” to the next level. In season two, the show ended with a Issa and Lawrence going their separate ways and Issa was back sleeping on Daniel’s couch. But, just when we thought that Daniel (Y’Ian Noel) was just a fling, he is seen in the season three teaser bar bombing on Issa’s bathroom studio session.

Issa Rae isn’t the only one showcasing her musical talent throughout the show. The season two soundtrack featured a variety of artists from Playboi Carti, Frank Ocean, Anderson, Paak, Daniel Caesar to SZA. The show has brought great recognition to a lot of up and coming artists. Insecure’s music supervisor, Kier Lehman, says “helping independent artists get exposure is one of the biggest rewards.” The previous seasons have gotten a lot of media attention with the Insecure soundtrack holding a solid reputation as one of the hottest television soundtracks ever produced, and we expect nothing less from the production of the season 3 soundtrack.

The Insecure music production team in collaboration with AFROPUNK released the #InsecureMusicContest, which has given artists a chance to submit their music to be featured in the season 3 soundtrack.This is just one of the many tactics the production team has implemented to promote the latest in music entertainment on the show. The submission deadline wrapped up the contest on May 22nd, so artists are eagerly waiting to find out if they going to have the opportunity to have their work shared for millions of viewers to listen during season three.

The third season of Insecure will air on television on August 12, 2018. You can get caught up on the previous seasons on HBO and don’t forget to check out the Insecure soundtrack on Spotify for a playlist you won’t be able to keep off repeat!


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