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Taking the Backwoods with Destiny Patrice

Destiny Patrice is a contemporary singer and songwriter whose nostalgic vocals are colored with Jill Scott-esque inflections of R&B and neo-soul.

The 20 year old songstress draws inspiration from her past experiences to create timeless music that resonates with the everyday Goddess and serves as a reminder that the only thing better than being normal is being your unapologetic self, and living in your truth. Her honest lyrics and willingness to be unique has earned her a small but growing fan base, which she hopes to grow in the coming years.

Earlier this week she released the music video for her single "Backwoods". Produced by LoveBaker, the track reminds us of the feelings of being misunderstood. Amplifying these themes, video producer Bazi Taught You crafted a colorful yet cozy visual. Her DAZE EP is set to be released on April 14th.

Watch the video for "Backwoods" here

Check out her last EP - "Black Bird" on Soundcloud here

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