• Brittanie G.

Got To Give It Up to Marvin Gaye

Yesterday the US Court of Appeals upheld the 2015 ruling, 2 - 1, that Robin Thicke and Pharrell will officially have to pay the Marvin Gaye estate 50% of future revenues from ‘Blurred Lines’. 

They are also now responsible for covering $3,188,528 in damages to the Gaye Estate. Thicke must pay approximately $1,768,192 and for Pharrell it’s $357,631. 

Even thought T.I. is featured the court ruled that him and Interscope Records aren’t responsible for any damages. This ruling could possibly have a huge impact on producers and artists creative inspirations as they will have to learn from this. This case has been going in since 2013 and and seems to have finally met an end. If you haven’t listened to both songs you can listen to them below. Blurred Lines Got To Give It Up

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