• Brittanie G.

The Culture is Alive and Well

Today Migos debuted a new music video for ‘Walk It Talk It’ featuring Drake off of the Culture II album.

In it we see an outstanding commitment in recreative that Soul Train vibe from Quavo, Offset, Takeoff, Drake, and Jamie Fox. That’s right Jamie Foxx plays the host of the show, Ron Delirious.

From the cars, clothes, lighting, stage, skating, soul train line, etc some might swear this wasn’t release in 2018.

The Migos continue show they can express themselves artistically outside the box, and paying homage to those before you is always a plus. This will no doubt add to the success of the Culture II album.

If you don’t know which way the culture train is going check out the video below and let Ron Delirious educate you.

Walk It Talk It


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