• Brittanie G.

The Conscience of Hip-Hop

Osiris Marshall has staked a claim in the hip-hop and rap scene; going trans-continental in collaborating with Russian producer Maze of Mind and Los Angeles native producer $ean Friday.

Brooklyn native, Osiris Marshall, utilizes his wide range of influences to create fine-tuned flows and highly calculated lyricism in the “TRIAD” EP, while aiming to defy the boxed genres of hip-hop and rap.

Utilizing the anthemic energy of trap and the breakdown-centric cadences of metal, rock and even jazz, Osiris regularly paints a biting picture of life and its many complexities and glaring flaws. Coupled with new-age and boundary pushing production, OM delivers commercial viability to the hip-hop scene wrapped in consciousness, style, aggression and integrity.

Listen to Triad on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, or Bandcamp today!

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