• Brittanie G.

Infinity War Is Imminent

The MCU is the most successful movie franchise in cinema history and looks like they will continue to widen that gap.

With Black Panther still making box office history, Marvel studios has dropped a new trailer for the third Avenger’s film titled Infinity War set to debut April 27. This will be the culmination of 18 MCU films that started with Ironman (2008) to Black Panther (2018).

Since the first Avengers movie in 2012 the ultimate threat to the universe, has been gearing up and pulling strings of hero’s and villains alike to do his bidding in collecting all 6 infinity stones. His name is Thanos and once he gets all of the stones there’s no telling who death will come to. If this trailer doesn’t get your blood pumping then death may have already come to you. Check out the trailer here...

Infinity War Trailer


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