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The Voice You Want to Hear in the World

MYCOL VYNN hails from the South Side a.k.a Soufside of St. Louis. He was born on August 26th and his primary artistic medium is being a recording artist/writer while also producing and orchestrating beats.

MYCOL VYNN became an artist because he wanted to be the voice that he wanted to hear in the world. With inspirations from great musicians, political figures, philosophers and socially conscious activists who strived to stand up and make a difference, legends such as Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and Muhammad Ali inspire MYCOL VYNN on a daily basis.

In tandem with his own endeavors, MYCOL VYNN also runs an arts and entertainment collective called DLINX Productions. DLINX Productions features artists and creatives from all backgrounds who believe in expressing themselves for the betterment of themselves and their environment. They create content, clothing, and innovative ideas all while pushing towards perfection. The collective has artists with music coming very soon that's highly anticipated.

Check out MYCOL VYNN on Soundcloud and be sure to follow him on social media as the links are provided!

Soundcloud: @MYCOLVYNN / @DLINX

Facebook: @MYCOLVYNN

Instagram: @MYCOLVYNN / @DLINX



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