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The Lyrics Keep My Spirits Up

St. Louis artist Jaxon Jenkins was not always interested in music. It wasn't until he faced some difficulties in high school that he turned to the arts. As Jaxon went through high school and battled depression he found that the lyrics he wrote brought his spirits up.

Just a few months later Jaxon started to study music theory and "a whole bunch of audio terminology that would make someone’s head hurt." With those lessons in mind, he was able to start crafting beats around his lyrics. His goal is to "perfect the craft and make a living doing something I love." And we're sure he will easily achieve that goal!

Check out Jaxon on Soundcloud and be sure to follow him on social media as the links are provided!

Soundcloud: @JaxonJenkins


Instagram: @BlackGuyDrama

Instagram: @85oflgn

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