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It's Rejuvenating to Create

St. Louis artist Terrell Blaze also known as the other half of Seven16 has always loved the distinct sound of his voice. With inspiration from southern rap group Hot Boyz, Terrell Blaze began producing beats in high school.

As the number of beats he produced increased, the lyrics came right behind them. Terrell stated, "The writing came about just because I found it rejuvenating to create and do my own thing. Now I just love creating my sound with my words in my voice."

Once he began publishing music under Def Jam Distribution in 2010 his musical career sailed along with his identical twin JAK. Their most recent mixtape Serenity was released on December 1st on DatPiff. We are definitely looking forward to what's in store from Terrell Blaze and JAK in 2018!

Check out Terrell Blaze on Apple Music, Tidal, and Google Play and be sure to follow him on social media as the links are provided!

Soundcloud: @Seven16

Facebook: @OfficialSeven16

Instagram: @TerrellBlaze & @_Seven16

Twitter: @TerrellBlaze & @_Seven16

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