• Brittanie G.

Pushing Past Barriers

David Pulphus also known as Captain Black was born in St. Louis, MO on September 20th. Growing up he knew he had an natural affinity for the arts and began experimenting with different mediums.

Over time, David knew that he wanted to become an artist and push past barriers. With the goal of creating his own genre, he painted a body of work titled "Untitled #1". "Untitled #1" depicts a scene that is reminiscent of Ferguson after Mike Brown was murdered except that the cops have the heads of animals. David went on to win the Congressional Arts Competition where his painting was placed in the halls of the U.S. Capitol in Washington. However due to the nature of "Untitled #1" it caused quite the ruckus in Congress.

David persevered through the praise and ridicule and stated, "I want to inspire people to do what they love and push even farther." And that's exactly what David has done. While he is nationally recognized for his paintings, he also continues to release music under the name of Captain Black. His most recent singles are currently on Soundcloud and we have extremely high expectations on what's in store from David on all artistic fronts!

Soundcloud: @CPTBlack

Facebook: David Pulphus

Instagram: @captainblack9811

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