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Becoming Part of the Foundation

Jawwaad Mutee Spann also known as Vintvge Vibes was born August 14th in St. Louis, MO. Vintvge Vibes has always been influenced by others artistic ways. With having an old soul, he always wanted to take a part building the foundation for the next generation.

Vintvge Vibes has a strong jazz background from his mother and especially his father. His father played saxophone and had a massive collection of jazz records and tapes from John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Count Basie , Duke Ellington , Johnny Hodges , Gene Ammons , Sonny Stitt to name a few. Since he was 4 years old his father taught him everything he knew about jazz/music theory and how to play the saxophone.

After graduating from Central Visual Performing Arts High in South St. Louis, Vintvge Vibes started playing professionally around the St. Louis area. From having studio recording sessions and photo shoots with close friends he gradually committed to being a MC. He's currently in college pursing a double major in Music Education and Performance and minor in Jazz Studies and has hopes to improve his craft over time.

Check out Vintvge Vibes on Soundcloud and be sure to follow him on social media as the links are provided!

Soundcloud: @VintvgeVibes

Facebook: @VintvgeVibes

Instagram: @VintvgeVibes

YouTube: @VintageVibes

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