• Brittanie G.

"God Gave Me This Gift"

Patrick Gutierrez also known as UVA was born in St. Louis, MO to parents of Costa Rican and Honduran descent. As he grew up in the community of Dutchtown, UVA started to use art as an outlet.

With his primary mediums being visual arts and poetry (But overall EVERYTHING). UVA became an artist because it allowed him to express certain feelings that he wasn't normally able to express.When asked about his journey as he artist he stated, "I've dealt with depression and insecurities my whole like with no one to sooth my pain. God gave me this gift that I neglected for years. Once I finally said 'F*** everything' and did what my heart told me to do, I knew I would have the attention of many. It's truly a blessing from above."

With such determination and passion for the arts, we are truly looking forward to UVA growing as an artist!

Be sure to check out UVA's newest track called Intellectual Hood Folk on Soundcloud

Soundcloud: @UVA.

Instagram: @Gabriel.1k / @uva.stl

Twitter: @Pat2xx

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