• Brittanie G.

Moe Derrty to Rock the Stage at the Ready Room

Moe Derrty is an up & coming rapper out of St. Louis, MO hailed by the New Roman Society and Derrty Club as "One Of St. Louis Most Slept On Lyricist".

Moe Derrty is highly recognized for his freestyles and bar heavy wordplay. He has collaborated with fellow NRS & DC members P-Rocc and Freshanova and has a project on the way with St. Louis artist OG Tune.

With the recent release of his first album titled "Wrath Of Neptune", he has been making waves everywhere in and outside the city of St.Louis. Be on the lookout for more music coming from Moe Derrty in the near future and see him perform live at The Ready Room on December 8th! Purchase tickets at Eventbrite.com/SpeakerLeaks

Check out Moe Derrty's recently released album "Wrath of Neptune" on Soundcloud today!

Instagram: @moe_derrty314 Twitter: @moe_derrty

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