• Brittanie G.

From the School Lunch Table to Paid in Amerikkka

Atlanta artist John Cooper, also known as J-Coop, also known as DaGreatCoop goes by many names but is truly known for his lyrical prowess. Born November 7th, J-Coop began to hone his skills with childhood friends in the neighborhood.

Soon J-Coop found himself engulfed in rapping and emceeing at the lunch table and decided to take the next step in his musical career.

With his good friend Last Name Good, he recently released his newest project, Paid In Amerikkka, which features immaculate lyrical content and hard-hitting beats.

It was only natural that we featured J-Coop on our newest upcoming series, Hot 16's, that highlights some of the best lyricists in the game.

Check out Paid In Amerikkka on Spotify!

Website: paidinamerikkka.com

Instagram: @dagreatcoop Twitter: @dagreatcoop

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