• Brittanie G.

Jay Dee to Perform at The Ready Room December 8th

St. Louis rapper Jay Dee strives on originality and creativeness. Using the full extent of his creativity, no one can put him in one box as he explores different sounds of music.

He could be conscious, make a hit for the clubs, or songs for the ladies. Jay Dee started rapping when he was 19 and hasn’t looked back since. His most recent project titled "Waves" streamed more than 9,000 times and secured his place as one of the up and coming artists from St. Louis.

Unfortunately due to an untimely death in his family he took nearly two years away from music but now he’s back and better than ever and ready to rock the stage at The Ready Room on December 8th!

Be sure to purchase tickets at Eventbrite.com/SpeakerLeaks

Check out Jay Dee's most recent EP titled "Waves" on Audiomack today!

Instagram: @314jaydee

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