• Brittanie G.

"You Know Me, I'm Carleone!"

Carleone Carle, a Indie hip-hop artist from the O’Fallon Park area in north St. Louis, MO is definitely a talent to watch! Known for his trademark high energy performances, Carleone's is starting to become a local favorite. He has built a solid local fan base and you can feel their love when he hits the stage, with his rasta locks flying and his shouts of, “You know me, I’m Carleone !”

His confidence shows that he is familiar with taking charge in life as well as on the stage and his fans are ready for the ride!

Carleone's latest project, a mixtape entitled Saint L.A. is a compilation of songs that he has written that reflect a new feel and a new sound. It’s clear when you listen that he is playing for keeps this time, and he’s going to ensure that his city hears him. Listen as he reps his city, his hood and his family through each and every track.

Check out Saint L.A. on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Google Music, Amazon, Sound Cloud, and iHeart Radio. Alladat!

Website: Carleonecarle.com Facebook: Carleone Carle

Instagram: @iamcarleone Twitter: @Carleonecarle

Also check out the official page of Ms_G (my assistant) and Carle’s Crew:

Facebook: @thegrindshoppe Instagram: @TheGrindshoppe

Twitter: @thegrindshoppe Bookings: thegrindshoppe@gmail.com

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