• Brittanie G.

Thank You Mvstermind

First off we would like to congratulate Mvstermind on securing his place on the Loufest stage! Secondly we would like to thank you for giving Speaker Leaks the time of day from jump.

The beginning stages of Speaker Leaks was extremely rocky and we didn't know the best way to provide a platform for artists. Nevertheless we reached out to Mvstermind and he agreed to be one of the first artists we interviewed. Not only did he allow the Speaker Leaks team into his recording studio, he dropped MAJOR GEMS as well. You can see the gems that he dropped in the video below.

Just a few months later Mvstermind pulled some strings to get TeamBackPack, an international artist platform with over 1 MILLION followers, to come to the city of St. Louis. An addition to this amazing feat, he connected us to TeamBackPack and we have been rewarded with opportunity after opportunity ever since.

So Mvstermind.....we salute you and thank you for rocking with us since the very beginning. We'll be sure to be turnt up in the crowd at Loufest at your performance!

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